Wolverine Global Response Services (Wolverine GRS) is headquartered in the Netherlands.  Our mission is to improve and perfect disaster response and humanitarian aid work. Building on extensive experience working with a multitude of organisations, agencies and communities following natural disasters and humanitarian crises across the globe we apply a methodology which finds the balance between the world of the traditional large NGO’s and state agencies on one side and grassroots organisations (informal organisations) on the other hand.

Our multi-disciplinary approach is result focused and offers the greatest impact for a minimal use of resources. Efficiency is the name of our game.

Our team consists of subject matter experts from the areas of Disaster Response, Incident Management (ICM), Logistical Management, Communications, Emergency Medicine, ICT and Security.

Our services cover four areas:

  • Training: our experts run training courses for individuals and organisations improving your relevant skill-set and preparedness. All our training is based on field experience. Customised courses are available on request.
  • Consultancy: Wondering if and how your organisation can improve its disaster preparedness or response process? Not sure if your humanitarian aid is achieving maximum efficiency? We can audit departments as well as whole organisations and advise on where and how to improve your effectiveness.
  • Services: we can deploy teams in response to humanitarian and natural disasters. These can be mission specific teams (medical, communications, logistics, ICT etc.) or mixed skills teams. We also provide remote services including monitoring, advisory teams, equipment rental and more.
  • Data: Our team of researchers and data analysts prepare situational intelligence and analysis reports of disaster & humanitarian crisis hot-spots. These reports allow our clients to deploy faster and operate more efficiency following the occurrence of a humanitarian or natural disaster. We use the latest digital tools and algorithms in order to provide the most current and relevant data.

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