Building Resilience and Preventing Burnout


Building Resilience and Preventing Burnout

A two-day skills based programme for team members and managers, this programme can also be presented in modular form.  This is a practical training programme to increase skills to support resilience and prevent burnout.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the characteristics of resilience
  • understand importance of self-awareness;
  • acquire skills to build personal and team resilience;
  • know how to manage team conflict;
  • be aware of the signs of burnout in self and team members;
  • acquire skills to recover from burnout
  • have strategies for dealing with exposure to trauma
  • build leadership skills
  • learn how to delegate effectively
  • build autonomy and accountability

Wolverine GRS can provide this bespoke course at your organization’s facility, on-site as part of an ongoing humanitarian response or in Ireland at our own facility. Costs are depending on location, number of participants and other factors.

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